What Are the Most Popular Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

Giving a subtle name to a baby is a considerable duty of the parents since names significantly influence the newly born child’s character, life, and everything. Names play a vital role in one’s life. It’s the thing that one owns from birth to death.

Different names are associated with various things like some names are based on history, some are related to places, and so on. Therefore, names have a massive impact on the personality of a person.

Today we have come along with an exciting article in which we will discuss the most popular baby boy names, starting with Z. If you want, you can also check out more baby girl names that start with Z at CocoFinder.

What Are the Most Popular Baby Boy Names Starting With Z 2

 Most Popular Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

These days parents want to name their child with a unique name. To help them out, we have listed the most popular baby names starting with Z. The primary purpose of CocoFinder is to help out its audience in almost everything.

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  1. Zayden

Zayden is a name that means growth or increase. It is a name-bearing Arab origin. It has many variant forms such as Zaydan, Zidan which are strikingly named Zaid, whose meaning is similar to plentiful or abundance.

Zayden is the 185th most popular name among the boys, and 1 out of every 884 baby boys are named Zayden. Zayden is both a given name and a surname in most Arab countries. This name got its popularity in the US in 2014. Moreover, the children having the name Zayden are considered lucky.

  1. Zane

Zane is a name of Arabic origin that means God’s gracious gift. It is a unisex name, which can be used for a girl or a boy. It is a popular name in various countries, especially the Arabic, Polish, and English speaking countries.

The name Zane has gained quite popularity in recent years. The meaning and history related to the name Zane are fascinating. So it would be a subtle choice to names one’s child Zane.

  1. Zachary

Zachary is a theophoric masculine name of Hebrew origin derived from the word Zakkhar. Its meaning is God Remembers. It has many variant forms and spellings such as Zachariah and Zacharias etc.

Zachary is among the popular names in the US. A few nicknames for this name are Zac, Zacki, Zack, and Zak. It is a very popular name in Islam and Christianity. This name is related to religious values. It was the name of a prophet in Islam.

  1. Zaviah

The meaning of the name Zaviah is healer, problem solver. The children named Zaviah have a better understanding of life from a very young age. They are peacemakers. They know how to end a conflict and let harmony prevail. They have all these qualities by birth.

The lucky number for the name Zaviah is four, according to the numerologists. This name is used globally to name their children. It has an Arabic origin. 

  1. Zayed

Zayed is a masculine name raised of Arabic origin. The meaning of this name is In abundance, Straight Edge, to grow. The variant spelling of this name is Zaid. This name is very popular among Muslims due to its religious values. So mostly, people having Islam as their religion opt for this name for their kids.

But there is no limit or boundaries to name one’s child, so anyone with any religion can name their child Zayed. The lucky number for this name, according to Pythagorean numerology, is 9.

  1. Zaur

The name Zaur means Gift of God. Its origin lies in Arabic, Georgian. It is the variant form of the Georgian name Zawar. The people named Zaur are valiant, avaricious, but rigid as well. They have strong willpower and leadership qualities as well.

According to the numerologists, the lucky number for the name Zaur is 8. It is a popular name in the Arabic regions but has gained quite a popularity in the US as well. The naming rates have risen for this name in the past few years.

  1. Zev

Zev is a name of Hebrew origin. It is also spelled as Ze’ev. It is a male name used mainly among Ashkenazi jews. It is a name from the bible, adapted from a  reference which means ‘Wolf that raveneth.’

It is pretty popular and common among germans. But since names have no boundaries so anyone can opt for it. The person whose name is Zev does have the qualities of a leader. They are very straightforward, diligent, and hardworking persons.

  1. Zaran

Zaran is a name used only for males. It has a Parsi origin. And means the flow of a river. Another origin is Hebrew, and according to that, it means God has blessed richly. It is popular among Christians. It has ranked among the top names in America.

The people named Zaran do have some remarkable qualities. They are very ambitious and believe in fulfilling their goals. They are very intellectual and determined. Their lucky number, according to Pythagorean numerologists, is 7.

9. Zayne

Zayne is a name that has an Arabic origin. But it can be found in other cultures such as Hebrew, English, and also Malaysian. It means God is gracious. It is a variant of the name Zane in the Hebrew region. Zay is the most often used nickname for Zayne. People around the globe name their kids Zayne.

Also, it is very popular among Muslims because of their religious values. There is a female variant of the name, but that is much less popular than the male version.


Giving a suitable name to a baby is his 1st right. It is mandatory for the parents to select a name after proper research since names have different meanings in different languages. It is also said that somehow names also have an impact on one’s success in life. So choosing a name is a really huge responsibility.

Also, we have tried to cover up all the aspects of a single name. If you want some other elements to be added, do give us feedback so that we can make it easier for you to select a name for your little one.