5 Secrets For A Successful Website

A website is much more than text and pictures. It’s the cornerstone of your brand – the one-stop-shop for audiences and consumers to discover everything they need to know. So, naturally, it’s damn integral to have your website in great shape. 

Below are five practises I believe will boost your site’s credibility and visibility. And no, do not change your site to a Youtube to mp3 converter for the traffic. 

Clean Design

Your content can only as be as good as how it’s presented. Too often, websites are cluttered, inconsistent in design, and challenging to navigate, ruining a brands’ credibility even if their service or product is fantastic. That’s why I recommend always going for a clean and minimal design. Only include what’s necessary, and make sure your copy (text) is inviting and easy to understand.

Don’t worry if you’re not a designer or don’t trust yourself to update your site. There are plenty of qualified individuals out there that will design your site for you! It’s worth shelling out for because once your site’s format and design are sound, you won’t need to change it. 

Consistent Posting

A great way to grow your clients and keep existing clients coming back is to make sure your website is as active as possible. This could be as simple as one blog post per week, but there are plenty of other methods too. Why not announce a giveaway on your website? Tricks like these will always incentivise customers to keep coming back for more. 


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a whole can of worms responsible for your sites’ visibility. Essentially, a site with a good SEO score will always show up on the first page on Google when the keyword is searched. It’s quite a complex skillset, and there is a myriad of methods to improve your sites’ SEO. I’d recommend doing a bit of research into the topic, and see what methods work best for your brands’ current needs. Unfortunately, SEO isn’t as easy as learning how to tie a tie


If your website is the home ground of your business, your audience should be able to find everything from the source. That’s why it’s essential to link all of your company’s other platforms to your website. Facebook? Email? Youtube? It should all be easily accessible from your site. This will massively improve your brands’ outreach, as audiences will be able to check out all your various content – not just on the platform they found you. 

User Experience

Throughout all aspects of the website design journey, the user should be at the forefront of concern. With every sentence you write, every image you choose, ask yourself, will this make sense to the user? Does this portray the values and culture of our brand? To help you ensure the user experience on your website is as smooth as possible, get your mates to test it. If they have difficulty navigating the site without assistance, then it’s probably a good sign your website needs an edit.