How P2P Lending is Helping in the UK’s Business Growth?

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Peer to Peer lending is a buzzing topic at most of the Fintech seminars. It has been capturing the attention of financial experts, investors, borrowers, journalists and plenty of international boards and regulators. After the economic recession, P2P platforms came across as an opportunity to achieve an impressive status in the market by providing finance to the clients and businesses struggling  to receive loans from banks. This way  P2P lending portals are helping companies to grow. So we are providing an outline of Peer to Peer lending’s role in offering support to the worldwide business.

You can view a page of your favorite newspaper’s business segments, and read the stories about individuals who are low on funds for starting their businesses. But now there has been a change in trends. Individuals who want to set up their own company can now easily obtain funds from Peer to Peer lending services.

According to a survey performed by one of the UK’s leading research organisations, twenty-six per cent of businesses receive funds from P2P lending platforms. But there are twenty-one per cent of companies not reaching out to the banks for obtaining cash. Also, another survey carried out by the business researchers revealed that only thirty per cent of the entrepreneurs utilised conventional banking facilities. That leaves the huge seventy per cent gap in business investments that P2P platforms are filling rapidly.

Moreover, if banks are hesitant about lending money to low-risk businesses, how can most UK business owners find funds for growth? The answer is simple, P2P lending platforms can provide these businesses with the necessary loans.

How does P2P Lending Operate?

Peer to Peer lending is a system with which borrowers and lenders can carry out business transactions without the involvolvement of middleman or  banks. It is also called social lending. In it, the general public lends money. The process is carried out through online platforms that find borrowers and resell loans. They sell these loans to businesses or individuals. Many P2P services specifically provide loans to businesses.

The P2P system operates on the internet, which links borrowers to lenders, for example, via the bidding-like procedure in which the lender gives their approval to provide the minimum interest rate for the loans.

How Peer to Peer Lending is Helping the Small Businesses Growth

Peer to Peer lending consists of the process to raise money by reaching out to the potential of the crowd. The banks’ low interest rates on loans have resulted in lenders searching for new investment methods. With business executives working hard to raise funds for their business and investors searching for better profits, it was apparent that the stakeholders would create a market for facilitating business between the two parties.

Many Peer to Peer lending platforms have been working in the market for several years which match lenders to potential business borrowers. That can facilitate the lenders in earning higher profits after the businesses get approval from the initial screening of their loan application. The P2P platform posts the loan application on the website after it is accepted. And the relevant investors specify the amount of investment they want to make. The least amount is as low as £1000.

Businesses can borrow an amount in between the range of £5,000 and £250,000 for a duration of one, three or five years. For the minimum amount of loan, the business has to borrow for two years. The Peer to Peer lending platform grants the loan after carrying out a risk assessment of the borrower that guides the investors about how much money they can lend.

The Insights into the Post

P2P lending services are establishing themselves as a reliable means of alternative finance. For executives reaching out to the P2P platforms is becoming a suitable option for securing funds to grow the business. Financing business development is not reserved for banks any longer. The P2P lenders are in a solid position to provide loans to the business owners. So the P2P systems are assisting worldwide businesses in achieving their objectives. Many Peer to Peer lending systems are offering loans to businesses over time with their effective lending strategy. The best thing about it is that it benefits the investors and borrowers by providing them with an interest rate that suits both of them.