Myth #1. You don’t need to eat right or exercise. If you have enough money, liposuction can give you the body that you want.

Fact: Liposuction isn’t a substitute for diet and exercising. You can’t go to the operation room and be 100lbs heavier than you are, and then walk out feeling like a movie star. Liposuction can make some incredible results, but there is no way for you to immediately “fix your body” if it hasn’t been doing the right things. The best patients should be between 20-30 lbs. and active.

Myth #2: Fat grows back after liposuction.

Fact. Adults have certain numbers of fat cells. They grow and shrink according to how much they eat. Liposuction will remove fat cells. The fat cells in your body won’t regrow if you lose one finger. Fat cells can also be affected.

The fact that fat doesn’t regrow does not mean your body’s weight will stop growing. It doesn’t matter how many calories you eat, you will still gain weight. The myth that fat “moves around” is due to the fact that less fat cells are present in the area being treated. As a result, weight gain will be concentrated towards areas that have not been treated.

Myth #3. Body wraps or non-surgical fat cutting procedures can give you the same results.

FACT: Liposuction works best to remove unwanted fat. There are many options for non-surgical fat removal, but none that are as effective as liposuction. These procedures are meant to remove a smaller amount fat.

Myth #4. Liposuction promises good results if you use a certain brand.

FACT: The skills of the surgeon are always more important than the “brand” or type otc procedure. Liposuction is not like a mass-produced product like a TV or car. It is a personalized surgical procedure that needs tailored to your body. You wouldn’t pick a carpenter by the brand they use. A surgeon should be no different.

Do you know Liposuction A Goodway To Lose Weight?

Myth 5 Liposuction Is Not for Women

FACT: Although this is a common assumption, there is no reason why liposuction cannot be performed on men. Liposuction does not discriminate against fat. Anyone, no matter their gender, can shape or contour their body with liposuction. You can learn more on liposuction and how it can help with love handles, pseudogynecomastia, sagging skin, and many other things.

Ways to achieve the best stomach

Liposuction surgery can certainly give you remarkable results. But if you stick to a few key habits, you can accomplish more than you ever imagined and it will help you maintain your shape. Your goals can change the way you exercise or diet, but it’s important to stick to good habits.

Weight loss with a flat abdomen.

There are two types if fats found in the human body. Visceral is fat that grows in the muscle walls, above abdominal organs. While subcutaneous fat grows just beneath the skin, it is visceral. These fats depend on many factors, including age, diet and genetics.

Subcutaneous fat is prone to hardening and accumulation, which makes it difficult to burn with diets or exercise. Liposuction treats subcutaneous fat by vibrating the fat cells with a laser or vibrating device, and sucking out the excess with a pressure pump.

Liposuction can be a safe, scientific and informed procedure that will help you to look your best. Orlando liposuctionis a skilled cosmetic and plastic surgeon. If you are interested visit