What Are The Steps In A Liposuction Procedure?

What exactly is involved in liposuction Procedure? It is a question we are often asked. Liposuction doesn’t just involve the day-of surgery. There are many other aspects to the liposuction procedure. Let’s start from the beginning.

1. Consultation

A consultation is the first stage in any liposuction procedure. While a virtual consultation is a great way to get an idea of whether liposuction may be right for you we still require an in-person consultation at our Katy and Houston offices before you book surgery. This will allow your surgeon to talk with you, understand you, and perform an examination. Your goals for your body and goals will be discussed during your consultation. Your surgeon can let you know if liposuction can deliver the results you desire and make recommendations based off your goals. They will answer your questions and provide you with a cost quote.

2. Scheduling

You’ll be scheduled for surgery once you have decided that you’re a good candidate. The office staff can inform you about how long you might be away for recovery. Most patients will need to take the remainder of the day and then the next day off. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled the next business morning. In order to set a date, payment must be made in full. Many patients opt to Finance their Procedure so they can schedule sooner and pay their liposuction off each month.


3. Surgery Prep

Before you go to surgery, we will conduct lab work. This includes a complete blood draw. You will also receive an antibiotic soap scrub, which you will use on the morning of surgery. This ensures your skin is free of potential bacteria.

4. The Day of Surgery

All patients receive an orally administered small dose of sedatives at their arrival. This helps to relax the patient and make them feel more comfortable. You will be awake for the procedure, but you will need transportation. After surgery, patients are not permitted to drive their own cars.

5. The Surgical Procedure

First, your surgeon will administer a small dose of lidocaine to numb any discomfort. Your surgeon will then make small incisions, using a circular punch. We use 2mm.

Your surgeon will then insert a special instrument through these small incisions that will gradually infuse your fat layer with tumescent. A tumescent solution is a mixture of sterile soap, lidocaine as a numbing agent and epinephrine as a vasoconstrictor. The affected area will feel a bit like a small water balloon and then it will go completely numb.

6. Immediately following the procedure

The incisions will then be taped and gauze placed on top. Although there may be some drainage, you’ll likely have to change the bandages at home. We’ll provide all the necessary supplies. Our method makes incisions so small that they will close easily on their own.

You will receive a compression shirt that you need to put on before you leave. This ensures a consistent result and reduces swelling, pain, bruising and skin retractions. The surgeon will tell you how long the garment should be worn.

7. Post-Procedure & Recovery

Your surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment for you the next day. This can be followed up with appointments every two weeks or three years. Your surgeon will let you know when you can return work or to exercise. The procedure will usually only require you to stop doing high-intensity activities for two weeks.

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