Toyota Yaris: A 23 Years Great Car Worth for a Try

Toyota is a multinational automobile manufacturer that produces the vehicle and provides the world with basic four brands. Toyota focuses on the both, the design and engine power that makes a good combination. This makes it preferable as Toyota’s vehicle can last longer.

Toyota Yaris was first produced in 1999 as its first generation, and within these 23 years of this production, there is a success story of this vehicle that is still keeping it going on.

Toyota Yaris latest generation is in 2022 which is thought to be outstanding than all other previous generations of this car. Toyota Yaris 2022 Price is reasonable, and affordable for a family because it is a family car which is mainly used for traveling purposes.


There are many competitors, like Mazda 2 and Honda Jazz, of this vehicle. Yaris fights in contradiction with them. Toyota Yaris comes with pre-facelift model. There is a big cabin which is spacious enough, and gives a better ride. There is a smooth driving of Toyota Yaris.

Toyota Yaris owns 1.5-litre engine which is fuel efficient. This engine is paired to a CVT. The digital display of this vehicle connects you through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is a use of Toyota Safety Sense (ADAS).

Toyota Yaris


The old design of this car is gone forever. No use of previous design and exterior style. There is everything new. The current version of Toyota Yaris owns pre-facelift overly-fussy face. The new designed of Toyota Yaris looks cleaner and sharper.

The design of the exterior gives a very fascinating and beautiful look to this car. There is a redesign for front bumper and headlights. There is not much amendment concerning wheels look and the back of this vehicle. There is an improvement of design.

There are three colors of Toyota Yaris:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Red


The length of Toyota Yaris is 4,145 mm, the width of vehicle is 1,730 mm. Height is 1,475 mm and wheelbase is 2,550.


All the variants of this vehicle has DRLs and LED headlights.


This vehicle retains 16-inch wheels.


The dashboard of this vehicle is of good quality as all other Toyotas, the dashboard of Yaris is made of a very good quality material. The dashboard is fitted perfectly to impose cabin.

Luggage Space

Drivers can easily fit their 28-inch stuff bad easily and with a great comfort. Even though it is smaller than Vios.


Yaris has completely kept safety feature into consideration, and this is what makes Yaris different from its competitors. There are 7 airbags in Yaris, Traction Control, HAC in all variants, and VSC.

Yaris is equipped with blind-spot monitor. There is rear cross traffic alert. Yaris owns Panoramic View Monitor that lets you park your car safely devoid of fear of thrashing any kerbs.There is AEB and Toyota Safety Sense Lane Departure Assist.

Advanced Digital Display

The last Yaris was launched in 2019, and it did not support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This new Yaris lets you connect through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is what really everyone needs


Yaris owns an average power engine that gives the output of 107 PS and produces the torque of 140 Nm. There is 1.5-litre aspirated petrol engine.

Comfort of Passengers

Yaris gives a comfortable ride to the passengers. The car is designed in such a way where it can be used on any road. It gives a comfort ride whether on the road or off the road.

Fuel Consumption

It is a fuel saving vehicle but not of high class at saving fuel. It saves fuel on average. Yaris gives a fuel consumption of 5.8-litres per 100 Km. it is just good at saving fuel.


There has been a change in connectivity of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Also, there is a much space for your luggage. We could say that Yaris is continuously changing and bringing new features in order to work in contradiction with its competitors.

Yaris is designed in such a way that it could be driven on all the roads. Yaris holds a very strong safety system which makes it preferable among its competitors.

The uninterrupted change and addition of new features ensures the entry of this car into the future.

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