Great Used Cars at Good Condition to Buy in Malaysia

You can buy your favorite used car. You do not need to buy expensive new car. You will be able to buy car from your favorite brand. WapCar offers you a vast variety of cars and you can easily buy a car with your budget limit. You can either select by model or brand of the car.

WapCar provides you with a long list of used cars from which you could buy any car you want. You could buy according to a specific brand or the model of the car.

Proton Used Cars

Today, we are going to talk about Proton used car which you could buy from WapCar. WapCar deals in a large number of cars of almost all companies in Malaysia.

You can buy these cars from WapCar at best prices. There are more than 273 used cars that you could buy from WapCar. The starting price is RM 16,400 only.You will be able to get good deals at WapCar. There will be complete documentation and guidance by the authorized team at WapCar.

In used cars, you will have option to buy any band’s car at the best price, and it saves your money. Proton used cars are available at the best prices having good quality, specifications and images. You could see all the cars there which are available.

You can choose any car from those 273 Proton used cars, and all are available at WapCar with the complete specifications.

All Proton used cars have passed inspection of 175 points that those cars have no damage in flood or in any accident. There is no major damage of the cars.

Proton Used Cars

Interior Condition

All of the Proton cars have a clean interior. These cars are cleaned by team. The interior is very tidy, and there is no odor. Interiors are completely clean.


  • Sunroof
  • Electronic Pilot Seat
  • Electronic Power Seat
  • Touch Screen Radio
  • Dual SRS Air Bag
  • Good Sound System
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Auto Retractable Side Mirror
  • Dual Zone Air-Con
  • Side Mirror Led Signal Indicator
  • Multi-Function Steering
  • Upholstery (Half Leather)
  • Original Leather Seat

Exterior Condition

  • Nice Number Plate
  • Original Metallic Paint
  • Reverse Sensor
  • Smart Entry
  • Start System
  • All tires are more than 80%
  • Modern 17 Spot Rim
  • All tires are in a good position
  • LED & DRL (Daytime Running Lights)
  • Modern Sport Rim and Attractive Looking
  • Original Paint

Transmission and Engine

  • New Battery
  • Air-Condition in Good Condition
  • Complete Maintenance Report
  • Transmission No Jerking & Smooth Engine
  • Full Service having oil filter change and engine oil change
  • Air-condition Service
  • Shiftonic/Tiptronic Gear
  • Everything tested by authorized people
  • Tested on Road


The Proton used cars have a complete change and they are tested again and again by the experts and authorized people of WapCar who take care of everything concerning the quality of the cars.

There are completely fine lights, tires are in a good condition, neat and clean seats and much more. AC will be working properly.

These are very cheap cars as compared to the modification and addition of all the required parts. There is a new battery.


We have discussed the benefits of buying a Proton used car in Malaysia. WapCar provides you with all varieties of cars that you could buy in Malaysia. These all cars are starting at best prices. WapCar has all instructions regarding Proton cars.

It saves your money because you could buy a used car instead of buying a new one. Those cars are especially tested on roads, and have no major damage.

The new parts are replaced in order to give a beautiful look and make it completely workable. These all cars are experimentally tested on the roads. Buying a used car from WapCar in Malaysia is highly recommended.

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