Make the Right Statement With Your Corporate Chic Looks.

Is it time to upgrade your work attire? You’re probably tired of your day in and day out boring black plants and tucked button-down shirts/blouses. Or you work in an uptight work environment with a strict formal dressing code.

Although you should dress formally, you put on laid-back or boring outfits. Think confidence with a splash of color. The trick to a chic look is infusing some bits of personality and fun into your office outfits. Remember, clothes somewhat control our minds. They affect how we perceive ourselves, act and perform in the workplace. Therefore, choose work outfits that make our attitudes bolder and work-read.

Are you wondering how you can crack the corporate chick nut? We’ve made it easier for you. Check out these tips to spice up and radiate authoritativeness each time you step into the office. 

Burst of Color

If your wardrobe is full of blacks, navies, or grays, it’s time to disembark from the dark hues bandwagon. Dark is boring. Make it fun by adding brightly colored pieces to your wardrobe.

Think burgundy, pastel, turquoise, orange, blue, mustard, beige, or whites. Pair your light gray pantsuit or skirt suit with bright heels if you work in a strict formal office setting. Burgundy pants or skirts are must-haves. You can pair it with your clean-cut white blazer, sweater blouse, or a white long-sleeved blouse.

Accessories With a Statement Piece

Turn scarves, brooch, belts, handbags, necklaces, and earrings into your best friends. A scarf will turn your laid-back form-fitting suit or dress into a stylish outfit. Get patterned and colorful scarves into your wardrobe. You can loop the scarf, make a bow tie out of it, give it a triangular twist, or turn it into a classic french tie.

Amp your outfits with structured and stylish totes. When shopping for work bags, ensure to get a designer look-alike bag but skip the logos. 

Belts are functional and stylish. Whether it’s narrow, patterned, or wide, adding it to your dress, pants or suits polishes your entire outfit. 

Patterns, Plaid, and Pinstripes

Bold patterns add a bit of personality and sophistication to your corporate looks. You should have at least one form-fitting pinstripe or plaid suit. Pin Striped or plaid separates also look stylish. You can also pull off an oversized blazer look without looking out of place. But the look veers towards a business casual or casual look.

You can also wear a plaid dress or a belted plaid shirt dress to the office. Pair the plaid dress or plaid shirt dress with a fitted nude blazer. Add some accessories and a pair of nude heels or flats to sum up the look.  

Classic White Pants and Shirt

A white pantsuit with creases is a stylish look for business occasions. Boss the white pantsuit with strappy heels and a bold color on the lips.

White pants look great when paired with a fitted striped, pastel palette or dark-colored blazer for an office look. Sum the look with simple jewelry, nude heel, a nude tote bag, light makeup, and a nude color on the lips. You can also wear white pants with a bold printed tucked blouse or shirt. You can throw on a brown or beige blazer to make it office-appropriate.

 A classic white blouse or shirt looks good if paired with skirts or pants. You can let it make a statement by itself, tuck it in, tie it up or layer it with a cardigan, blazer, or coat.

Wrap It

Wrap dresses are classic, chic, and elegant. The dress will never go out of trend, and it flatters all body types. It draws attention to the bust and waist. It also helps hide any unwanted bulges.

You can try subtle prints if you work in a conservative work environment. You can also wear collared wrap dresses or wraps with a higher neckline. Most wrap dresses tend to have low-cut necks. Higher necklines are more work appropriate. Let your dress hit the knee or slightly below the knee.

Final Thoughts

Classic corporate looks should not be conservative and boring. While the overall mood should be professional, make it stylish and fun. You can add a little of your personality without making your outfit unprofessional. Pops of color, bold prints, patterns, and accessories amp your office looks. Don’t shy away from muted prints. They also amp your work outfit. All in all, the tips above will come in each time you dress for work.