Role Of Blue Light Glasses In Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

The sunlight is composed of multiple colors like violet, orange, red, green, yellow, indigo, and blue. When all these colors are combined, the sunlight becomes the white light we can see with our naked eyes. These colors have separate wavelengths and energy. 

Red rays have less energy and longer wavelengths. On the other hand, blue light rays have more energy but shorter wavelengths which is harmful to our eyes. In this article, we will learn everything you need to know about the role of blue light glasses in keeping your eyes healthy from these high-energy blue light rays.

How does blue light affect us?

Every visible blue light passes through the lens and cornea, then extends to the retina. This negatively affects our eyes. According to studies, exposure to blue light could lead to the following problems:

Digital eye strain: The blue light can reduce the contrast leading to severe digital eye strain from digital devices and computer screens. Sitting in front of a computer or a technical gadget can cause dry eyes, fatigue, and extreme eye strain. 

Sleep interruption: Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to blue light can alter our sleep cycle. Blue light plays a massive role in your body’s understanding of when to produce melatonin, a hormone that your body uses to tell us when it is time to sleep. If this hormone release is interrupted by blue light exposure, we struggle to fall asleep and get sleepy when it is time for bed.

How can blue light glasses look after you?

Less eye strain:

When you look at a glowing screen the whole day, you will experience eye stress and eye strain. This is because people rarely take enough time away from the screen due to office work.

But, this can be helped by ergonomic adjustments as it reduces these problems. Blue light glasses can help you decrease eye strain thanks to the fact they increase the contrast on the screen and make it easier for you to focus correctly.

Fewer headaches:

Blue light has the power to exacerbate headache pain and trigger migraines. When the blue light is blocked with special glasses, you can eliminate this issue, allowing you to carry out your work or study without the distraction of a headache. 


Hopefully, you now understand the importance of blue light glasses in protecting your eyes. It will help you with eye strain and headaches, but it will also keep you from interrupting your sleep cycle with blue light. If you want to look good while looking after your eyes, look no further than SmartBuyGlasses UK, where you can find all your eyewear needs!