Parking Innovations that are Ruling the World

In our daily lives, parking has become really important. However, there have been numerous technological advancements in recent years that have altered the parking system landscape. Continue reading to learn about some unique parking ideas that you should definitely check out this year.

  • Automated Valet Parking: Automated Valet Parking is a remarkable innovation in which cars are automatically parked in standard parking spaces, saving time and money. CVPS valet solutions offer automated valet parking solutions to help businesses manage their parking spaces more successfully.
  • Parking Lifts: These are typically used in conjunction with automated valet parking, where automobiles are stacked using mechanical lifts, increasing the efficiency of using a parking space. Even if you have a single car garage, parking lifts can be very useful because they allow you to store many vehicles in a compact space.
  • Parking Sensors: AI-enabled parking sensors are just what the world needs right now. With real-time information, these sensors assist drivers in minimizing their search time for a parking spot, hence reducing unnecessary traffic congestion.
  • Parking Fees Determined by Pollution: This is a significant innovation, especially in light of worldwide concerns about environmental sustainability, in which you must pay parking fees based on your emissions limits. So, if you drive an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle, you’ll get a discount; similarly, if you drive a vehicle that contributes a higher percentage of pollution, you’ll have to pay a surcharge price.
  • Wireless charging: Electric vehicles are the automobiles of the century, but carrying cords is inconvenient. As a result, wireless charging is a huge plus. Wireless charging is accessible in most automated valet parking locations and standard parking spaces. In most cases, the outlet (240-volt) is connected to a pad beneath the vehicle, where it begins to charge. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular; therefore, wireless charging will undoubtedly become more widespread in the near future.
  • Pay with a plate: Sounds strange, right? However, this is a very clever concept. You’ve probably heard of parking meters. However, this is a unique situation in which the driver can pay for their parking place simply by entering their license plate number into the kiosk after leaving the parking area. They can also use this strategy to renew their parking place.

One of the most trending, as well as preferred parking solutions. Most of you who are reading this article might be interested to know about valet solutions since you are hosting an event or conference, and hence it is important for you to understand

What are some benefits of using Valet Solutions?

  • Increased revenue for the parking operator and higher customer satisfaction, lowering labor costs and reducing responsibility for damage claims.
  • Maintains a good record by recording every step of the valet parking program from the guest’s arrival to departure.
  • Every popular hotel management system has connections that allow parking charges to be instantly charged to guest folios and this is possible with valet solutions.
  • P2PE and EMV solutions make credit card transactions simple to handle through 5 major gateways.
  • Create productivity reports to help an operator manage their valet services more effectively.
  • Connects to a wide range of casino and hotel management systems, as well as major PARCS.
  • Cost-Effective and viable in terms of Budget.

What is the technology behind Valet Solutions?

The main technology of an automated valet parking system is the ability to remotely plan and control the movement of many automobiles using a central control platform or hub that shares the mission route and vehicle specifics.

The central control hub’s mission may now be determined by the requirement for specific services as well as the type of vehicle. Each vehicle has its own mission plan and will move in accordance with it.

CVPS is one of the greatest valet parking software programs available. It will not only assist a parking operator in increasing income, reducing labor costs, and reducing damage claims, but it will also ensure that clients receive the best possible service.

Summing Up

These are some of the advancements that will undoubtedly rule in 2021. Furthermore, you may have noticed that Automated Valet Solutions plays a significant position in automobile parking systems among all of this. Thus, CVPS solutions are here for you, where they will assist you in setting up an autonomous valet parking system using their software. This will allow you to optimize revenue, boost parking space efficiency, and create the year’s largest technology trend.