Point to Point Communication Links

Usually, a point to Point links is used when permanent dedicated connections are required. It is a pre-established WAN communications path connection, which can securely connect two or more locations for private data services. The point to point links is available with different standards and different speed including T1 lines, Ethernet or DS3.

Enterpriser usually used point-to-point links to provide reliable and secure data service for applications including credit card processing, file sharing, data backup, VOIP, and video conferencing. All the above mention services can be configured together over the same point to point connection. We also know Point-to-Point links link as Private Line, Leased Line, or Data Line. Point-to-point connections can communicate over vast distances either through audio or video with maintaining high quality throughout the call. The example is the undersea fibre-optic cables that connect countries and continents worldwide over thousands of miles with a high quality of service. The figure below illustrates the point-to-point links.

point to point link