How to hide Facebook profile from Strangers

Facebook is known among some very popular platforms created for connecting people from all around the world. Most people spend hours every single day communicating, entertaining, enjoying, and marketing brands on this platform to grow followers. The team has the sole reason of combining different aspects of a human life into a single platform accessible for the users. As the duration of Facebook usage has been increasing, the possibilities of frauds and scams from unknown sources are also expanding.

Facebook profile

You often come across the time even once in your life, when you’ve felt extra exposed to the public via Facebook. So, if you want to make your Facebook page less exposed, then there are some major privacy settings by which you can hide your Facebook activities as well as Facebook Posts and restrict them among the people you want. This way your personal happenings can only be visible to your friend list or others according to your privacy settings.

In this article, we’re going to learn different ways of hiding your Facebook profile from strangers.

Hiding your Facebook profile

Your Facebook profile can be an open invitation for everyone who wants to contact you or watch your activity. There are some easy steps by following on Facebook which you can hide your profile according to your desired privacy settings. We know that with the increasing fame and popularity of any application, fraud and scam chances are also increasing. So, to protect yourself from any such happenings try managing your privacy settings. By appropriate measures, the odds of your account being hacked or scammed will be decreased.

Here are the steps to secure your Facebook account from any known or unknown stranger:

Step 1:

Go to your facebook profile and go to the settings panel. After which you’ll see the account tab from where you can go head towards facebook privacy settings for your account.

Step 2:

Now, you just have to tap on edit settings beside how you connect options. Next, you can manage your settings according to your visibility type. If you want your activities to be visible to your friends only then click friends, if you want to choose close friends then tap on it, or if you want to apply custom settings then you can go for that as well.

Step 3:

Next, you can constraint people who can send you friend requests to friends of friends only or as per your choice and click done.

Step 4:

Under the default privacy control tap on friends from  the drop down menu and click on the management for visibility of your post. You can also restrain your old posts to be visible for whoever you want.

Step 5:

After all your choices, select the edit profile tab from your profile and change the privacy setting for your basic information to friends only or only me.

Step 6:

Similar steps should be performed on the friends and family section and then tap on globe icon showing public selection and convert it to friends.

Step 7:

You also have to go to the work and education field to restrict people by clicking on the globe and changing it to friends only. Whichever panel you like, you can convert its privacy settings, showing as minimal information as you can to the public i.e strangers.

Blocking & Securing Your Profile

One of the greatest ways to restrict your profile from strangers is undoubtedly by changing your profile’s privacy settings. However, even if some specific individuals are trying to contact you in an inappropriate manner then blocking their messages or their profile can be a wise option too. Blocking someone is the process by which you can refrain someone Facebook from watching your post, start chatting, adding you, tagging you, or inviting you to a group or invite. Not only that but they also can’t call or video call you directly through their account. This block feature isn’t applied to any application, group, games that you’re mutually connected to.

Go to the upper right corner of your profile feed and go to settings and privacy. Tap on the left panel and click blocking. There will be a search bar appeared on the page, where you can enter the name of the person who you want to block and then click block.


There can’t be a single reason why you want to restrict strangers from coming on to your profile watching your activity and messaging you. You just have to follow some precautionary measures so that your personal activity would remain hidden from the public.