Vicodin Addiction: Signs & Consequences?

Vicodin addiction develops due to the desire to prolong the feeling of euphoria, reduce pain and relieve withdrawal symptoms, which causes its regular intake. When the drug is discontinued, patients feel weakness, loss of strength, their eyes are watery, runny nose chills, and intestinal colic appear. Psychological manifestations of addiction include panic attacks, irritability, personality changes (for example, a tendency towards violence appears). Increasing doses are required to get the effect. This leads to an increase in dependence and large-scale damage to the body.

Vicodin for sale is one of the most widely used prescription drugs in America. Every day 44 people die from a drug overdose in the United States. Hydrocodone-containing pharmaceuticals are among the most widely consumed opiates and cause untimely death among drug addicts and addicts due to the availability of the drug and the relatively low price of Vicodin, which you should see before ordering Order Vicodin online.

Drug use: signs and consequences

Hydrocodone is the second most widely used pharmaceutical drug for addiction and withdrawal. In action, it is comparable to codeine – an overdose and constant use are manifested in the form of weakness, profuse sweating, loss of appetite, headaches. The patient is constantly sleepy, but he suffers from insomnia. Periods of activity, emancipation in behavior are replaced by apathy, aggression. The addicted person has narrowed pupils, the skin is cold and damp, the mind is confused. Buy Ivermectin online for virus protection.

The effects of hydrocodone exposure are:

  • breathing problems;
  • convulsions, bleeding;
  • sexual dysfunction;
  • complete loss of hearing;
  • loss of consciousness – up to coma.

Paracetamol, which is contained in the drug, accumulates in the body. In large volumes, it is toxic, in case of an overdose it destroys the liver – up to irreversible changes and death (about 500 such cases have been recorded in the USA alone). Vicodin addiction must be eliminated as quickly as possible, and at the physical and psychological levels at the same time.

How to get rid of Vicodin addiction

As with other opioids, Vicodin addiction is dangerous with relapses and relapses. Therefore, traditional drug courses are ineffective for her. In contrast, the Narconon program is not drug substitution therapy and aims to completely eliminate symptoms, minimize relapse, and successfully integrate the treated people into a healthy society. Within the framework of the program, the stages are gradually implemented:

non-drug weaning from the drug – pain, and abstinence are removed by assisting techniques;

  • restoration of clarity of outlook on life, communication skills in a healthy society, assistance in avoiding a pernicious circle using the methods “Objective processes” and “Overcoming the ups and downs in life”;
  • elimination of the consequences of intoxication (“New Life”) – the patient receives dietary food, niacin, complexes of vitamins, oils, microelements, runs, visits the sauna;
  • awareness of their duties, responsibilities, gaining the skill of creative problem solving, liberation from the past – the stages “Personal values” and “Changing states in life”:
  • obtaining tools for complete elimination of addiction in the future – stage “Life skills”.

After completing the program, patients receive tools for adaptation to society, get rid of the physical and psycho-emotional effects of the drug. The resulting effect lasts for life.

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