Day Spa Caribbean Vacations

Read about Day Spa Caribbean Vacations in this amazing article. If you want to experience the ultimate in luxury for your next holiday then why not try a Day Spa in the Caribbean. A Day Spa is the perfect way to relax after a hectic holiday and recharge the batteries. They offer all the facilities of a spa including sauna, steam bath, mineral treatment, hair treatment, and manicure. Day spas are well equipped with all the latest high tech equipment.

A day spa in the Caribbean is the ultimate way to unwind after a busy holiday. At Zunzun sailing, a trained and expert professional will provide you with the massage of your choosing at the most comfortable spot of your choice, next to the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea. Zunzun specializes in giving full body massages, facials, and aromatherapy treatments. A one-hour lunch special on site is also available.

In the Carribean Islands, the floating massage spa offers a warm and intimate service to their guests. These are private boats that sail the seven miles between San Juan Puerto and Santo Domingo. The skipper and staff are very experienced in giving a wonderful and relaxing massages and also offer other services such as aromatherapy, facials, and manicures. Many of the islands have beautiful beaches, making them ideal for relaxing or spending romantic nights together. Many of the islands also offer a variety of water sports such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and many other relaxing activities.

The Virgin Islands is another island paradise with many different types of spas offering a range of relaxing massages. Most offer the full-body massage, but some do specialize in other areas. St John’s Vineyard offers their guests a free and authentic sampling of fine wines, appetizers, and the traditional sailing and dancing on the deck. Another popular massage option is the Brevard Sailing Spa in St Thomas.

Aruba has its own unique experience with sailing and massages, which is the Spirit of Aruba Vacations. This is a private sailing adventure on the thirty-two-foot yacht, the Spirit of Aruba. This cruise is two hours long and includes a free champagne toast, tropical cocktails, and romantic music. During the cruise, the guests are pampered with a massage, combined with soothing music. They are then treated to a dinner, cocktail reception, dancing with live music, and an opportunity to take a one-hour flight home.

The Bahamas have their own Day Spa Caribbean, which provides Caribbean style massages at their three locations, including the eight-star facility, Paradise Island. The Day Spa offers two different types of massages: the floating massage spa and the full-body massage. Each offers guests two different services: the floating massage spa is meant for those looking to relax in the peaceful, luxurious environment of the Day Spa Caribbean. This is a non-invasive service that gives guests the ability to float freely above the Caribbean water and enjoy soothing massages while enjoying the view and sounds of the islands. At the full-body massage, guests are draped in lavish, comfy robes and allowed to move as they wish, enjoying the relaxing music and view of the islands below them.

The Windham Sunshine Spa & Nantucket Sunset Massage are another one of the many luxurious day spas located in the Windham Sunshine region of the Caribbean. At this facility, guests can enjoy the calming, relaxing massage, the seaweed body wrap, manicure and pedicure and the de-stressing foot scrub. All services are accompanied by complimentary cocktails and local cuisine served on the dining patio or in front of the massage tables. The Windham Sunshine Massage also makes reservations for special sailboat cruises and other excursions, allowing guests to relax on their own at sea while exploring the Caribbean.

Of course, there is no place in the Caribbean where visitors are given the chance to enjoy the ultimate in luxury on a cruise ship. At the Royal Caribbean International Waterpark, guests can experience the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury on the water. At the Waterpark, guests can float, swim and lounge as they listen to live music played by a band, watch a parade or simply drift away on a lazy day on the beach. The all-inclusive treatments offered at these incredible Day Spa Virgin Islands locations include the likes of a facial scrub, a hair rinse, and a body wrap.