What are whipped cream chargers? A whipped cream charger is a steel cylinder containing NITROUS OXIDE which is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser. They can be purchases cheaply from online stores such as Cream Charger Warehouse or Nitrous Whip.


A typical cylinder is approximately 2.5 inches long (6 3cm) and 0.7 inches wide(1.8cm).The cylinders are rounded at one end with a narrow tip at the other end. Whipping cream is added to the dispenser. Cream chargers should be kept and saved away from heat or any kind of heat source. They are usually purchased in packs. When cooking with cream chargers one cartridge is typically used and never more than two. While adding contents, there should be some space left for mixing of contents. Used cream chargers are 100 %recyclable where a steel recycling program exists.


Originally production of whipped cream chargers started in EUROPE  and chargers were first used there. 7.8 grams of nitrous oxide is its standard capacity.


They are mainly for occasional use such as house kitchens, restaurants and coffee shops. For commercial use,there are proper tank systems for filling much larger containers to dispense more whipped cream.This is mostly done when the volume of production level is TEN LITRES PER HOUR or more.

In home kitchens on local level custards, meringue and cake batters can be whipped using cream chargers. They have a variety of uses except just making fresh creams. Airy foams and bubbly cocktails can also be formed by whipped cream chargers. You can also attach accessories to your whipped cream chargers to increase their capabilities. They can be used to decorate items and obviously impress the customers.

Time saving :

As it uses pressurized gas to aerate cream quickly. For busy people it saves time and there is not much effort making juices. Most milk shakes in the morning are taken by busy people so they don’t need to put in much effort. Just take 2 mins and then they can enjoy themselves.


Nitrous oxide dissolves easily into cream and does not oxidize. The fat content of cream should be 28 % to produce whipped cream with a dispenser. Mostly cream and sugar(as per taste or totally optional) or flavorings that are also optional are added. Cream is pressurized in tightly sealed container with nitrous oxide and it dissolves into cream and after opening the solution is expelled. That pressure change causes fluffing of cream effectively. Nitrous oxide prevents bacterial growth in cream. So you can store it in frig for 2-3 weeks.


Nitrous oxide is a pain reliever. Sometimes reusable whipped cream dispensers are recharged by metal containers filled with nitrous oxide. They are often misused to get high.

The street name of nitrous oxide chargers is WHIPPITS.  Like other drugs, it does not affect the brain’s pleasure system. INHALANT ABUSE  deprives the brain of oxygen but nitrous oxide can cause laughter or dizziness, it isn’t at all that high as other drugs.


High doses of nitrous oxide can be life threatening. They can cause coma and sudden sniffing death syndrome. It occurs when the heart stops beating. People have accidental injuries while under the influence of drugs.

They can cause organ damage if repeatedly used. The effects include thinking problem, hearing problems. They can also damage the function of the heart, lungs and kidneys.


           It is not that common but occurs. Addictive people rely on something without knowing the negative impacts. Most people get addicted because they want relief from life problems. Others rely on the buzz caused by nitrous oxide.


        As nitrous oxide exits the container at high speeds it is difficult to inhale directly from the whippet. The gas is cold when it leaves so it can also cause frostbite.

        So people fill this gas in BALLOONS this allows nitrous oxide to warm up. By doing this they have an idea about how quickly the gas comes out.


According to a 2016 NATIONAL SURVEY ON DRUG USE AND HEALTH estimated 9.1% Americans have used inhalants during their lifetime.

TREATMENT: Vitamin B 12 is a treatment for bad effects caused by whippets as it treats nerve problems. This can help people stop using whippets.


A whipped dispenser is a versatile tool and it can be used in several ways. So what are you waiting for? Go and bring whipped cream chargers for easy whipping of cream and making restaurant style cakes, custards at home without any problem. Avoid the negative uses and go for a new exciting whipped cream charger. Whip your cream at home with cream chargers whenever you want.

Avoid the negative uses and go for a new exciting whipped cream charger. Whip your cream at home with cream chargers whenever you want.

Avoid the negative uses and go for a new exciting whipped cream charger. Whip your cream at home with cream chargers whenever you want.