Best Ways to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Crash Com Error

Are you looking for the Vendors list? Doing a transaction? Is your invoice available? If all such tasks cannot be done then these issues fall under the Com 2017 QuickBooks Error.  

Quickbooks Desktop can encounter the com error anytime without giving any warning. The software will close immediately if this QBS error is present on your system. 

Today, we will discuss QuickBooks 2017 Com Error and all of its important aspects.

QuickBooks 2017 Com Error: Basic Description  

Users can experience a crash when they are using Quickbooks and receive a message read as: Crash: Com Error. There is no doubt that you are facing Com Error QuickBooks 2017.

It will immediately close the software if this error is present, without storing any data in the computer. The error can occur whenever the user operates the software, accesses it, or closes it.

These types of errors are often encountered by users when they open particular lists such as the customers’ & vendors’ list as well as when viewing an invoice. 

Reasons for Com QuickBooks 2017 Error

In order to assist you, here is a list of possible causes for the QuickBooks error: 

  • There may have been a mistaken deletion of QBs-associated files by another application. 
  • When Quickbooks’ latest update is installed.
  • Installation of the Quickbooks software that is incomplete, damaged, and unclean.
  • Malware, viruses, or other threats that damage computer systems.
  • Several components related to MS Office have been damaged & corrupted.

Situations That Lead To Com Error Quickbooks 2017

It is possible for Quickbooks 2017 com error crash to occur in several situations. Find out more below.

  • During the installation and operation of QuickBooks desktop.
  • During emailing of invoices, QuickBooks 2017 com gives an error.
  • When saving a document.
  • When opening an invoice.
  • During the sending of an attachment and a form.
  • In the process of opening the check register.

Quick Methods to Rectify Quickbooks 2017 Com Crash Error

The solutions to repair QuickBooks Crash Com errors are here below. 

Solution 1: Change your Email Settings

  • You should first choose the Show Profile option in the Mail Setup window.
  • If the user consistently selects the same profile, they must select a prompt, then click on Apply to access the profile.
  • Go back to your settings, and then choose Apply. The profile will then be used constantly from that point on.
  • Finally, click on the OK button. 

Solution 2: Fine-tuning QuickBooks Desktop & Company File

  • The first step is to open and update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.
  • If an update error occurs, manually update the software.
  • Verify the information of the company file by opening and verifying the QuickBooks file.
  • Access the file that has the QuickBooks 2017 crash com error.
  • Finally, a report or a form must be opened and then emailed to verify the existence of the error. 

Solution 3: Turn on Compatibility Mode in Quickbooks

  • To proceed with this solution, tap on the Quickbooks icon & choose the option Properties.
  • Go to the tab named Compatibility in the option properties and click Run.
  • Select Windows 7 from the drop-down menu. 
  • Further, run QuickBooks as an administrator in a sample test.
  • Finally, select Apply and then tap OK.

Solution 4: QuickBooks File Doctor Download & Use  

A QuickBooks File Doctor program fixes most problems related to QuickBooks. After the QuickBooks File Doctor download & install, it self-detects the errors & rectifies update errors, installation errors & network issues in no time.

  • Start by launching Quickbooks Tool Hub.
  • On the next screen, tap on the tab Company File Issues.
  • In addition, you will find a green button labeled Run QuickBooks File Doctor. Click on it. 
  • Select the company file with issues.
  • Within a few moments, the QuickBooks file doctor download & install tool will run a scan and identify the errors. 
  • It won’t take long for the errors to be rectified. Check QuickBooks for the error by opening the software.

This post is a support guide for all the QBs users looking to counter QuickBooks Crash Com error. With the 4 easy solutions above, we hope you will easily clear out this QuickBooks issue from your system. Click here for reading more articles.