Why Is The Price Of Ortho K In Singapore High?

Do you want to know the price of Ortho K in Singapore? But it’s important for you to know what Ortho K is. It’s indeed more expensive than other regular contact lenses. But it’s pricier for a reason. Knowing the price of this type of lens without knowing what it is or what it can do may discourage people from buying it.

Who can benefit from it?

Sure, your vision might improve with a regular contact lens. But an Ortho K lens can give you more. Ortho K is short for Orthokeratology. It’s a type of contact lens that provides complete visual clarity. This type of lens eliminates the need to wear contact lenses during the daytime. This type of lens is perfect for almost anyone who is currently wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. Students, athletes, and even children can benefit from this kind of lens. In fact, it’s useful for children who are suffering from myopia progression. This type of lens can effectively help manage the condition. You’ll see that the price of Ortho K in Singapore is justified when you learn about its benefits.

Why Is The Price Of Ortho K In Singapore High? 1

How does it work?

How are Ortho-K lenses different from regular contact lenses? What this special kind of contact lens does is that it reshapes the cornea to improve vision and make it sharper. This kind of lens is gas permeable and it’s custom-fitted to the shape of the eye of the wearer. You need to wear the lenses overnight and it works its magic while you sleep by safely reshaping the cornea. The lenses are comfortable to wear because it allows air to pass through and reach the eye. Then in the morning, you will need to remove the lenses and will be left with a clear and crisp vision that will last all day long. So with this type of lenses, you can say goodbye to daytime contact lenses and prescription glasses.

Why does it cost more?

The price of Ortho K in Singapore is indeed higher than regular contact lenses. But you need to understand that customized products are generally more expensive than mass-produced items. Extra time and effort are needed in order to produce a lens that is sure to have a perfect fit. The cost of this type of lens also includes the comprehensive eye exam needed to obtain a precise measurement of the corneal curvature. The cost of this type of lens is also affected by the fact that it can do something that other lenses cannot. This means that it provides more value than regular contact lenses.

Why Is The Price Of Ortho K In Singapore High? 2

It offers good value for money

The price of Ortho K in Singapore may be high but this type of lens offers great value. And it may even let you save more money in the long run. If you’re wearing regular contact lenses then it’s a good idea to compute the amount of money you’re spending on a yearly basis. With an Ortho K lens, you don’t have to wear daytime contact lenses anymore.