High-Tech Developments in the Motorcycle World.

If the word motorcycle automatically recalls the image of a Harley Davidson with its thunderous fuel engine, you’ve got some brushing up to do.

Here are the best innovations for motorcycle gear and motorcycle gadgets.

Gadgets & Gear

Like in any industry, the manufacturers of motorcycle gadgets and gear are constantly working on improving their products. These changes just aren’t always flashy and often go unnoticed. A good pair of motorcycle footwear, for example, gets constant updates when it comes to the quality of materials, their comfort, and fit. You’d probably have to have a special interest in the topic to get excited about upgrades like the invention of a new breathable yet durable fabric hybrid.

If you want something more visibly high-tech to get excited about, these inventions are for you: 

Airbag Clothing

A motorcycle offers less protection than a car. There is no carriage around the rider, barely any space between the rider and the impact point, no seat belt to keep the rider in place or airbags. As a result, motorcycle riders must make use of protective motorcycle gear, like a helmet and armored clothing. The tough materials, padded areas, and protective plates reduce the chances of getting injured.

A relatively new addition is airbag clothing. Like many upgrades in motorcycle gear, it originated on racetracks and is now widely available. Airbag vests, jackets, jumpsuits, and pants might not sound very high-tech, till you start to think about how they know when it’s time to inflate. In case of a crash, they must realize what is happening and deploy the protective airbag in a fraction of a second. There are typically two ways this system works:

  • Tethers – A tether connects the clothing and the bike. When the rider falls off the bike and the tether gets pulled hard enough, the airbag deploys.
  • Sensors – This high-tech variant uses onboard sensors that can detect a crash in real-time and transfer this information to the computerized system installed in the airbag clothing.

Smart Helmets

Several companies are working on developing a smart helmet full of sensors, cameras, and tech that allows for a HUD to display important information on the motorcycle helmet’s visor. However, some of these prototypes have been halted due to safety concerns at quality testing.

Nonetheless, their elder siblings, the simpler smart helmets, are nothing to sneeze at either. These helmets have various great features, like an integrated comm system, Bluetooth functionality, or taillights. Some of these helmets have buttons on the outer shell, which you can use to operate your headphones, answer calls, or play music. If you’ve ever had to deal with controlling a headset under a helmet before, you’ll appreciate this detail.

Motorcycle Phone Apps

Smart helmets and the bike’s user interface shine when it comes to connecting and interacting with each other. Many apps are great for use on the bike via these connections.

We’re not just talking about fun bike games or maps, either. Manufacturers like Yamaha or Zero Motorcycles have developed apps you can use to collect data and even adjust power output and much more. Naturally, these apps are great for riders with racing ambitions who want to analyze and adapt their technique.


Electric motorcycles are certainly the biggest innovation in recent years. But there are many smaller gadgets and gear that were improved upon or newly invented as well. These high-tech gadgets work with sensors and intelligent technology to provide more comfort and safety to the motorcycle rider. Like many technological advancements in our life in general, they are focused on connectivity and automatization.

Airbag clothing can detect an accident in real-time. A smart helmet can help us utilize many aids, for example, Bluetooth headsets, more easily. Smartphone apps that connect to your bike can collect data and allow you to adjust your riding according to the current situation.