Dangers of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Do you have a 9 to 10 hours shift job where sitting is the only way of working? Do you feel that your waist size has increased due to a lack of exercise? You spent most of the time sitting in front of your laptop or any other electronic device. If this sounds like you, you are spending more time being sedentary.

The World Health Organization says that approximately 2 million deaths per year are due to physical inactivity. Prompting WHO to warn that a sedentary lifestyle could be among the ten leading causes of death and disability globally. An unhealthy lifestyle increases all causes of mortality, doubles the risk of cardiovascular diseases and obesity, and increases the chances of colon cancer, high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

Most people leading an inactive lifestyle are unlikely to be meeting the national physical activity guidelines. The experience of coronavirus has aggravated sedentary lifestyle, causing more obesity. Even if you are physically active, being inactive is still harmful to your health. Working out does not offset the consequences of sitting all day.

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  What Are the Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Leading a desk-bound lifestyle has become a significant health issue. Sedentary lifestyle has been increasingly spreading in nations despite being linked to various chronic health diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

  • Physical Inactivity: Leading a sedentary lifestyle is just physical inactivity, in other words. Physical inactivity is the most significant cause of an inactive lifestyle. A lifestyle with minimal exercise increases all causes of mortality and doubles the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

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  • Working at an Office: Office workers are highly desk-bound at work. Sitting in front of the computer or any other electronic device, with a minimum to no physical inactivity, can negatively impact a person’s health. So sitting at a desk job for nearly 7 to 8 hours and going home simply to lay on the couch can affect your health.
  • Environmental factor: The environment directly affects health status and plays a significant role in the quality of life. The home environment is an essential sphere of influence on an individuals’ physical activity and stationary behavior. Physical inactivity is especially relevant to those with limited independent mobility who spend much of their time indoors.
  •  An Unhealthy Diet: An malign diet consisting of fried foods, unhealthy fats, and high sugar drinks leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. In short, poor nutrition can lead to stress, tiredness, and the ability to work overtime. In addition, these habits can make you live a sedentary lifestyle. Leading an inactive lifestyle increases the possibility of developing illnesses such as heart conditions.

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What Are the Negative Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Extended periods of physical inactivity can reduce your metabolism and impair your body’s ability to control blood sugar, regulate blood pressure and break down fat. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle is a habit. Either way, it’s difficult to break a pattern once formed. The adaptation of a sedentary lifestyle can degrade the quality of your life.

A person leading an inactive lifestyle is at significant risk of suffering from chronic health conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Some of the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle include:

  • Obesity:  Inactivity rather than overeating is the leading cause of obesity in America. Obesity results from an imbalance in energy, too many calories in, too few calories burned. Keeping inactive can lead to gaining weight, leading to obesity. Obesity increases the risks of heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

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  • Cardiovascular Disease: Sitting all day causes blood flow to slow down. Inactivity of the body allows the fatty acids to build up in the blood vessels. When you sit, your body’s production of lipoprotein lipase drops by 90%, which makes it difficult for the body to break fat, leading it to store.

Clogging of the blood vessels restricts the flow of blood. The constricted blood flow makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood, causing cardiovascular diseases.

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  • Type 2 Diabetes: Sitting down for long periods can lead to changes in the body’s metabolism. The changes include insulin resistance, which leads to type 2 diabetes. A sedentary lifestyle is caused mainly by a lack of exercise. Lack of exercise causes the muscle cells to lose their sensitivity to insulin, which controls blood sugar levels.

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  • Reduced Life Expectancy: Leading a sedentary lifestyle can reduce your life expectancy. It doubles the risk of early mortality compared to being active. Two decades of desk-bound lifestyle is associated with a two times risk of premature death than being physically active.

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NOTE: Pills like vidalista are consumed only after consulting with a doctor.

Bottom Line

Research has linked a sedentary lifestyle to various health conditions. Most people do not meet the minimum physical activity guidelines and risk developing chronic health conditions due to leading an inactive lifestyle. However, people can reduce the chances of a sedentary lifestyle by showing healthy living.